Mauritius Urban Music Awards 2021

Mauritius Urban Music Awards 2021

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Mauritius is the ultimate travel destination because of its pristine beaches and amazing atmosphere but what the world might not know until is now is that the island is blessed with an amazing array of talent. From Sega to Seggae, HipHop, to Singer/Songwriters that can sing out your favorite singer to the back of the bus. Creole is the way to get on but worry not if you can say “Bonzour, Mo kontan monne zwin u Mo kontan finn zwin u” with a smile you will be let into a world of music and a genre that is filled with passion. Passion is a word that spawned the Urban Music Awards in the late ’90s and our expansion globally to 14 countries from the UK, USA, Jamaica, Cameroon, to now Mauritius adding to the list of our consistent expansion. The UMA is proud to launch the annual awards ceremony here in Mauritius as the MUMA short for Mauritius Urban Music Awards.

As always, MUMA follows a tradition we spearheaded 18 years ago. The music fans are fully in control of who is nominated and who wins in each category. With sponsors such as Crocs Mauritius, Dechavel, Z Phone, Grays Inc, Swaff, and many more. The Mauritius Urban Music Awards is set to become the most talked-about annual music event in the island.

Jordan Kensington, President/Founder of the Urban Music Awards commented “We are proud to launch the UMA’s here in Mauritius. Our main aim for MUMA is to expose Mauritius talent to a worldwide audience. This has been our goal with urban music in the ’90s to make it the number 1 music genre in the world which we did, to make artists profitable, and to usher in a structure for the next generation. We did this in Africa, the Caribbean, Europe, the USA, South America, and much more. Our goal is to do the same here in Mauritius. Music has a way of touching us and releasing a range of different emotions and language is never a barrier when it comes to talent”

The Mauritius Urban Music Awards is set to take place on the 30th of October 2021 at  La Vallee Village in Pamplemousse, Mauritius.

The nominees for the MUMA 2021 were recently announced through a unique 5-year partnership with the multicultural social network platform Mokingo. Music fans, can register, create a profile, and vote for their favorite acts via Mokingo. The platform which is available via Apple stores, Google Play, and online via, allows users to also interact and share content as well as use the phone, video call, and messaging system to keep in touch with full Platimum security.

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Mauritius Urban Music Awards 2021

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